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Benefits of Using a PCB Assembly Service

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NOVA Car Rental Company in Croatia

12. Oct 2017 04:56, online

I travel a lot to Croatia, and best car rental that I've used in Croatia would be Nova Rent a Car Split. it is croatiancar hire company with network of employees with many years of expirience in this industry.


I usually hire a car at airport Split near Trogir or at Zagreb airport. It is good to be knowledgeable in rental car companies; be it local or international because you never know when you might need to use any of these services.


I've used the service of Nova Rent a Car and they are one of the best companies that you should look out for when hiring/renting a car in Croatia; no kidding launch x431. There were a few times that I have used their services and I dare to say that I was a happy customer for the most part anyway.


They supplied me as a client with free maps of Croatia and tourist information, their staff also gave me a personal advice as were to go, what to see, and what are the best routes to travel around Croatia. That was normaly for first few times, now i am on my own. But for example when i needed asisstence for my partners they also helped me in finding best accomodation, trips, yacht charter even real estate...


There are absolutely no complaints that I have to make on my part and even the front desk were very nice and warm. It was pleasant to be doing business with them; me being the customer, of course. I am not sure about their website i think it is, but they sure do have one. All the staff of NOVA rent a car in Split; be it over the counter or on the phone have the same great command of English and they are always eager to listen and help launch x431 pro.


As for the cars that I have rented with this Nova Rent a Car company in Split-Croatia, they are mostly all first class cars, but you have to part with your money for a bit, because the cars are all in super good condition. NOVA RENT A CAR SPLIT CROATIA car pool offers a comprehensive choice of SUVs and even limousines to satisfy every customer.


When I mean good condition, it means that the cars are well-maintained, with good sound engine and the hygiene part of the cars are worth mentioning. They are squeaky clean, right up to the cabin carpeting. With NOVA rent a car Split you can even rent extra equipment such as Garmin GPS navigator, safety child seat, ski racks, roof rack...


Another part worth mentioning would be that when you call in to the customer service for inquiries, they would give you some good deals and quotations. They will not try to buy you out for the latest deals and stuff like that.


And that is something that I love about this car rental company.

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